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I want to be a blogger too!

Before getting pregnant and giving birth I was a shopaholic.  Boxes would arrive at home and hubby would inquire.  I couldn’t help it – my mother gave me this habit ^*^

After finding out we were going to be parents and giving birth, my life has been devoted to all things baby! It’s amazing how one’s life can be so affected by such a tiny being.  I now shop for baby all the time.  Ok.  Hubby gets things also 🙂

Fast forward several months — discovery of mommy blogs.  My goodness!  There are just too many wonderful blogs to follow.  I love that so many mothers can stay at home/work at home and still be a blogger.  I am most intrigued that they can review items and give an honest opinion.  Yes I said that.  When I’m purchasing something for my Kenzie I love reading reviews (HONEST reviews) rather than the generic ones.  It’s great to see a product in use.  I have been fortunate to win some giveaways and thus provide my Kenzie with such fun items to play with (I will try to remember and list them – my mom’s idea).  She’s a Christmas morning baby so every time her eyes light up when a box comes to the door gives me the same feeling when I gave birth to the best gift ever!


One response to “I want to be a blogger too!

  1. meredith July 14, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    I too am a shopping addict.. but i think the whole winning things has become a new obsession.. love the honest reviews too! Ive discovered soooo many new and cool baby products and companies through blogs that i would have never known of otherwise! and awww that is sooo cute!! How cool to be a xmas baby.. 🙂

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