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Stride Rite Shoes

Kenzie got her new Stride Rite Clara shoes from  She was delighted to open the box and “try” on the too big shoes.   I love Stride Rite shoes because they seem to be comfortable for babe and the styles are just perfect for kids.  Bonus that they come in half sizes!  Kenzie has a few pairs of Stride Rites she is wearing right now (you can see in random photos).  I love that Stride Rite is also sold at Nordstroms where one can pick up a balloon & look at the mini aquarium 🙂

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Sweets Galore

Guess what arrived from @SurfSweets? Yes this is just a small sampling of the goodies that came in a box for me! (ok i am not a hog & did share).  I love the individual sizes of ORGANIC jelly beans and gummies – perfect for snacking on at work [yes photo taken at my desk].  The taste is unbelievable.  All natural without those pesky artificial flavors.


They also sent a water bottle and guess who wanted to try it out first?

It took a few tries but she got it down 🙂

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Pretty Little Heart

  Pardon the odd photo I took while walking to lunch.    I received this Isabelle Grace necklace from Audrey Magazine.  It is puffy gold heart necklace with an embedded ruby stone.  It’s very tiny as you can see (I’m used to large pieces since I’m not really a delicate person) but I love it!  It’s the perfect piece for everyday wear.  The clasp is a bit difficult since it doesn’t open all the way (I’m not sure why).  I love all the personalized pieces one can purchase from Isabelle Grace.

The celebs are totally sporting this jewelry line ^*^

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Luxe Bear

So Kenzie got her new “Hernando” Bear from @tgbears.  It truly is her most luxe bear!  It is 16 inches but so big in comparison to her :).  Still, she enjoyed putting bear on her cow and tugging cow along by the tail.  The bear is handmade and totally baby friendly.  The ribbon can be customized with the color of your choosing.

They have all sorts of customized bears!

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At the beach for the first [second] time

So this weekend we headed to the beach to play with our Melissa & Doug toys and wear our Psychobaby Bomb Pop Tank from @shop_psychobaby [the cutest tank ever!].  Kenzie was a bit scared of the sand although she was excited to see all the birds and the crashing waves.. she did not want me to let her feet touch the sand~ thus difficult to actually play with sand toys.  She did enjoy playing with the toys on the towel and walking on the sidewalk.  All in all it was a semi-fruitful trip to the beach.  Next time I’m sure she’ll want to walk on the sand (fingers crossed).

*Actual first time at the beach was last October in Tampa, FL strapped to grandma in an Ergo

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How to get rid of pesky sand that sticks to you? We used Sand Off from @getsandoff.  Although Kenzie wasn’t covered in sand (i thought she would be on her first real outing to the beach) this mitt was particularly convenient for both babe’s feet & ours.  You just rub the skin & voila – clean! It comes in a little plastic bag that you place the mitt in afterwards for storage.

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A day off work

Mother in law is sick, hubs is in NY and cousin has a job.  Thus, mandatory day off work to watch my Kenzie.  We went to Pretend City in Irvine, CA.   There was a cafe, gas station, police station, park, post office, library, grocery store, bank and more! Kenzie enjoyed the beach area with fishing poles and “fish” to catch.   We even made an octopus at the art center.

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Moving on Up

So Kenzie recevied her Cars2 Toddler Bed from the generous @deltachildren.  As you can see from the photo it’s not quite the same as I put it together (hubby is in NY for a week) and I accidently put the bottom on backwards (thus sideways photo).  It was relatively easy to put together (slight scratch on hardwood floor in living room) and Kenzie definitely wanted to help.  The only problem I encountered was that the side rails did not fit and I couldn’t install them (I have sent a message to Delta Children regarding this so hopefully I get a response).  Other than that, she loves the new bed.  She bounced on it and climbed in and out easily.  I do hope to install the side rails to avoid any injury and need coordinating bedding.  Pink does not exactly go with the red bed.  Overall, for the price I believe it to be a great transitional bed.  I do wish there was an additional bar for support underneath the bed (yes I am a worrywort).

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Someone has Car Envy

This is Kam. She was born 3 weeks after Kenzie but is an eater so bigger.  She has the coolest toys because she has sooo many people who hand things down and her parents love to buy toys 🙂 Kam rode this into church the other week and guess who wanted a ride? Kenzie of course.  There’s a coupe inside the children’s room at church and she loves getting into that (Sad when another child is riding it).  Kam graciously let Kenzie sit in her car & she was thereafter delighted.

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Hoping to Start Reviewing Products but Until Then…

Just yesterday Kenzie received the Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Beach Toys I won from  Grandma opened the box for her (I was taking a quick shower after work) and she was delighted! She immediately started playing with the toys in the house.  The quality is just wonderful.  Sturdy materials and colorful/catching to a one year old.  Kenzie identified the plastic fish and his eye.  I taught her to “mix” in the bowl.  Although these toys are technically for use with sand I believe that at this age she will have loads of fun just playing with the items inside the house.  I will be traveling to FL to see my mom next month and we will definitely be toting these along for play in the sand (pics/update to follow).

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I want to be a blogger too!

Before getting pregnant and giving birth I was a shopaholic.  Boxes would arrive at home and hubby would inquire.  I couldn’t help it – my mother gave me this habit ^*^

After finding out we were going to be parents and giving birth, my life has been devoted to all things baby! It’s amazing how one’s life can be so affected by such a tiny being.  I now shop for baby all the time.  Ok.  Hubby gets things also 🙂

Fast forward several months — discovery of mommy blogs.  My goodness!  There are just too many wonderful blogs to follow.  I love that so many mothers can stay at home/work at home and still be a blogger.  I am most intrigued that they can review items and give an honest opinion.  Yes I said that.  When I’m purchasing something for my Kenzie I love reading reviews (HONEST reviews) rather than the generic ones.  It’s great to see a product in use.  I have been fortunate to win some giveaways and thus provide my Kenzie with such fun items to play with (I will try to remember and list them – my mom’s idea).  She’s a Christmas morning baby so every time her eyes light up when a box comes to the door gives me the same feeling when I gave birth to the best gift ever!